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There is a variety of pellets and some of them are black pellets, brown pellets, steam explosion pellets and advanced wood pellets. Another word for pellets is biocoal. No matter which name it is about a hydrothermal carbonization which means a water-based process at a moderate temperature to convert biomass to a coal-like substance. You also need a lot of pressure during several of hours but in the end what you get is biocoal. Another process is the one called torrefaction which is a pyrolysis to convert biomass to a char-like substance, and what you get is called torrefied pellets.

Arbaflame manufactures wood pellets which are produced in a steam explosion process. The products are called AWP or Arbacore and are, a replacement for coal. Arbacore is made of 100 % wood and the product is hard, waterproof and low in dust. These advanced wood pellets have an energy content close to that of coal. The work and research is an ongoing process in the work of creating an energy source that is efficient, more environmentally friendly and that delivers a performance that are up to our needs of heating and other energy dependent activities